About Us

Who We Are:

MindMatters Hypnosis and Counseling is an innovative private practice committed to helping people achieve positive change in their personal and professional lives. Carole Bombardier, owner and therapist has a diverse background in clinical social work, child development, hypnotherapy, energy psychology, EMDR, and traditional counseling methods.

Our Philosophy:

We all possess the ability to solve our own problems, answer our own questions and create the life we deserve. We employ methods and approaches which empower, educate, and motivate you for success. It is our belief that the power to create the life you desire lies within you. It is our mission to help you unlock your potential for success, health, and happiness.

Our Approach:

We use a holistic and eclectic approach to assess and treat each individual, blending mind/body techniques with more traditional psychotherapy interventions to provide comprehensive and personalized service.  As each person is unique, each treatment plan will be unique as well.

Who We Work With:

We work with people of all ages and backgrounds including children, teens, and adults.

Children are especially receptive to hypnosis as they are naturally imaginative and suggestible!

The ideal client is someone who is committed to their goal, open-minded, just needing a new approach to achieve success.

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